Portrait oil @magic_mouse_art Sergey Kartintsev


My paintings are designed to evoke emotions.

To immerse yourself in pure emotions is to enrich yourself. We often have to turn to psychoanalysts to discover our internal experiences. At the same time, you can get more about yourself when you are looking at the picture. Any image is given meaning only in the mind of the beholder. The more the picture touches our repressed fears, desires, and memories, the stronger our reaction to them.
Each of us has hidden treasures that we don't know we have until we get them. Discover your identity for yourself. Enjoy the diamonds of your soul. Stones and ornaments in paintings are a metaphor for the value of emotions compared to the surrounding picture.



Look and feel

We live in the world of masks. Too many things are are forbidden of us formally. But 

we are advised to do the same in secret way. Sexuality is taboo and allowed within very narrow limits, but pornography is available everywhere. We are told about the dangers of cholesterol and are hooked on sugar. We are told about restraint in consumption and advertise luxury in all aspects of life. The attention industry replaces our needs with surrogate desires.

But life is just our emotions. Happiness and pleasure are not products and services - it is our attitude to events and our role in them.



80х100 cm | oil, canvas, crystals

Love is colored for everyone with its own colors. Sexuality is expressed in the inner freedom to give and receive the caresses and courtship of others.


60x80 cm | oil, canvas

"Silicone beauty" in the English version refers to silicon, the material of computer technology, as well as breast implants. I was inspired to work by the presentation of the Apple Iphone 11, whose cameras show us images in different approximations.



60х70 cm | oil, canvas, crystals

The picture symbolizes that each of us has two points of view. And this is not a metaphor, but a scientific fact, proven by experiments with the dissection of the corpus callosum of the human brain. The right and left hemispheres make different decisions. diverging blue and red stripes symbolize the magnetic field. The faces are written from the twins of the brother and sister - the closest people in the genetic code, but they are different. The left and right hemispheres make different decisions and perceive time differently.


30х40 cm | oil, canvas

The stages of development of each of us are known in advance. We look at faces, but we often think about the body. How does our taste and preferences change?


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