Sergey Kartintsev


From business to art work

Sergey started his artistic career in 2015, when he entered the Surikov’s Institute of fine arts (Moscow, Russia), specialising in drawing and painting. The first public exhibition was held in the second half of 2019 in the POLYTECH space, in the center of Moscow. The exhibition featured works made in a mixed technique of pop art and symbolism. The material of the paintings became classic oil and canvas with the integration of both full-fledged jewelry and individual elements of costume jewelry.
In the presented works, the author explores the themes of unknown inner sexuality and the dominance of information manipulation over personal research. The goal of the works is to evoke the viewer's emotions and touch the images hidden in the subconscious and repressed experiences. At the expense of sincerity and openness-to return the viewer to the state of "here and now". Separately, the author poses various questions to the viewer, answering which, the observer learns himself a little better.
Sergey spent his childhood in the center of Moscow, where significant events unfolded for Russia and the world. The lack of products in stores in the 80's was replaced by two coups and the shooting of the Government house ten years later. This was followed by rampant crime and lawlessness in the mid-90s.the Lack of products was replaced by an inaccessible abundance. Chastity was replaced by debauchery in the media and mass undisguised prostitution. The chic of the early and mid-2000s was replaced by a recession, the militarization of society and strict regulation of all aspects of life in the 2010s. All these diametrical changes in the surrounding reality had an impact on the author, giving birth to the need to rethink the surrounding reality by artistic means. Sergey's professional work has also contributed to his work.he has worked as a journalist in various Russian media for more than 10 years. Here it is important that the political and economic realities of Russia were for the author's daily work, and not a kind of entertainment content.