• Sergey Kartintsev

Freedom for love. Girls. part 1

Why do religions and totalitarian regimes suppress the sexuality of believers and citizens? This question has been unresolved for me for many years. And that “way of life passed before the half” continue to look for answers. Sexual intercourse between same-sex people has been taboo for the past two thousand years. However, what is its harm? — Did the Greeks or the Romans died out? No, not how much. Is it unnatural? — But in the wild there are same-sex sexual contacts. Are they harmful to health? — Only if you do not want to observe hygiene and precautions, and this is a completely different question.

Why Christianity allows you to drink wine, moreover, it is part of a religious cult, but prohibits on an equal basis with the murder of a person.

Many prohibitions are clear to me and internally close: murder, theft, slander, even alcohol and drugs, which were not an integral part of our human life. The right to kill and steal makes the world more dangerous and worse for everyone. Drugs and alcohol destroy the biological body and depress the light of consciousness. But what harms sex? Why is " can't” being heard for two thousand years in a row?

Sexual attraction is built into each of us by nature, and its absence will inevitably lead to extinction. Of course, while asking all these questions here, I have already read a lot of materials and books that advocate opposite points of view. The reason for creating works and writing a lengthy post was public opinion research in the United States (and there is the most complete, reliable statistics in the world today, in my opinion), which is referred to by mark Penn in the book “Microtrends that are changing the world right now". It says that the most disadvantaged group of people in the modern world are bisexuals. They are the ones who are afraid to open up to their relatives, and moreover, they are despised equally strongly by homosexuals and heterosexuals. Surprisingly, ideologically inapplicable opponents took up arms against those who are both "ours and yours". From my point of view, this group should reconcile everyone, because they can be partners in homosexual relationships and give birth to children.

My opinion is that hatred of bisexuals is caused by the fact that each of us has internal desires that we suppress under the influence of external forces. If you try to live with yourself, there will be no room for aggression and hatred of bisexuals.

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