• Sergey Kartintsev

Freedom for Love. Kiss. part 2

"If you come to terms with yourself, then there will be no place for aggression and hatred of bisexuals” - So I finished the previous post. We are afraid to be ourselves and this irritates us those who allow themselves at least part of it. There are only three ways left:

suppressing yourself leads to anger, frustration, and income for psychoanalysts, drug dealers, and pharmacists. (I will make a reservation, I do not consider the three categories equal, but their income increases in proportion to the level of self-suppression of society); to put social and social frameworks that do not allow others to Express themselves. A system for equalizing and reducing people to median behavior. If I don't see free people around me, my personal stiffness will stop tormenting me so much. Gray world of a tolerant suffering — a very convenient form for militarisierung States. But the tension inside accumulates gradually — it still increases and requires more output. This makes it easier to mobilize people for violence. Moreover, this is how the General state of society is brought up, requiring blood in different manifestations. Search for enemies inside yourself or outside the General outline. It is difficult for me, a deeply religious person, to write this, but official "churches" have been forming volunteers for mass wars for hundreds of years. Please note that I am talking about religious institutions, not religions. This is the contradiction and hypocrisy. I often talk to friends about religion and worldview. And I noticed that most people substitute the dogmas of a single priest for religion. As I often hear “ " Our religion (Christianity) forbids it”" To my question, why does a person think so? — The answer will be "everything is known” or" father said”. After reading the New Testament at least 5 times, I say there is no such prohibition. In General, the teaching of Christ about self-love, true love. About forgiveness and acceptance, not about prohibitions and restrictions. It was these that Christ canceled, for which the “official religion " hated him : healing on the Sabbath, eating with unwashed hands, and so on. Oh, Yes, I got carried away. Although there is no-the third way is the development and knowledge of oneself, which is what Christianity says in its original source, what various practices lead to: fasting, if it is a conscious action, meditation not under duress, contemplation of art, knowledge of oneself and the beauty around.

Why is a kiss on the cheek considered mandatory even in a monastic environment, and a kiss on the lips is almost a mortal sin, and in some countries a crime worthy of killing? Debauchery is bad because it starts a spiral race for more and more thrills and more sophisticated pleasures. This race is finite and leads only to frustration at the end and painful addiction and cravings in the process-hence, poisons our lives. And this should be avoided by everyone. However, love can have completely different forms. A lesbian couple is somehow condemned, regardless of whether they have children in a society that encourages a life where cats and dogs replace children, relatives and friends. Wake up, please!

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