• Sergey Kartintsev

Mind butterfly - secrets of our brain

The picture symbolizes that each of us has two points of view. And this is not a metaphor, but a scientific fact proved by experiments with the dissection of the corpus callosum of the human brain. I was particularly struck by an experience in which the right hemisphere was shown a banana, and the left was asked to draw anything with a pencil. The right hand under the control of the left hemisphere drew a banana. But what is interesting is not the drawing, but the fact that the left hemisphere is responsible for speech, and when asked: why a banana? - The left one was quickly found and answered: it is the easiest to draw. The experience continued and it turned out that the right and left hemispheres make different decisions, which is where our many doubts and internal dialogues come from. In the picture, the diverging blue and red stripes symbolize the magnetic field, because it is electrical impulses that are the basis of nervous activity. Faces are written with twin brothers and sisters - the closest people in the genetic code, different as a man and a woman. The left and right hemispheres of the human brain not only make different decisions and perceive time differently.

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